Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fred Lebain: Un printemps à New York

Have your parents also adopted the forward button as a primary means of daily connection? If so, you may have been on the receiving end of a popular chain familiarizing you with the Chinese artist Liu Bolin, who literally paints himself into his photographs. Score one for the folks. Bolin may be gimmicky, but he works damn hard at it, and everyone loves a Where's Waldo.

Enter Fred Lebain, fabulous French photographer and creative chameleon. Though Lebain's work seems less about camouflage and more about place and the lens of time. A Spring In New York is a lovely series of "images of various areas in new york city, each one of them an occasion of a 'first visit' to the location, in which he photographed and then printed in large poster format. Later, he returned to the same spots for a second visit, capturing a larger framed shot in which
he aligned the poster documenting his first visit to the current scene." [via Today and Tomorrow from DesignBoom]

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