Thursday, December 31, 2009


Historically, I have not not been one for making New Year resolutions. The custom has become synthetic — body guilt materialized into gym memberships, a promise to quit the habit, try harder, be more — bargains with the baby fat of a new start. But there is something about this year that shakes off the commercial and compunctious, and inspires a more empirical resolve toward positivity. I look around at the beautiful people in my life, all working hard to make change and better acquaint themselves with kindness, and I am reminded that while we draw up future goals we should take equal time to love and nurture ourselves, taking stock in what we've accomplished.

There is a great Mark Doty quote from his slim contemplative volume, Still Life with Oysters and Lemon, that reads "I am learning to accept the flux and revision time and experience invariably make, but I am also learning to love what I wish to keep the same, something that nothing in my life has taught me until now; learning, that is, not to let go but hold on." We hold on, not in hope of permanence, but so we can be reminded. Of place, of purpose. "Evidence, thus, that tenderness and style are still the best gestures we can make in the face of death."

Lets put that last line to work this year, shall we? Here's to all the fabulous friends in my life, and their amazing sense of style.

2010 here we come.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Decade of Satellite Earth

As the decade comes to a close tomorrow we will be treated to a full moon — a blue moon — and a partial lunar eclipse (though not visible from the US). It's an exciting send off from Mother Nature, and to commemorate I've posted some Earth as Art photos, made possible by the Landsat 7 satellite, which is coincidentally celebrating its 10 year anniversary in space. The original photos were created by the USGS National Center for EROS to introduce the general public to the Landsat Program, which is administered jointly by USGS and NASA. [via the Huffington Post]

Images courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office. Image descriptions by USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Felted Acorns

My boyfriend can attest, I have a propensity for bringing nature indoors. Acorn caps are no exception — they make perfect finger puppet props, and I'm sure you can all envision clearly as I can their usefulness as pixie hats. Fancifulness aside, acorns are beautiful, and when collected together in a bowl make for a lovely decoration. So you can image my delight when I saw these scrumptious felted acorns on Design Sponge. I picture hanging a collection of them from the ceiling off fishing line, their vibrant woodsy colors swaying in the morning light ...

For better or worse the artist who made these, Reya Veltman, no longer seems to have them available for purchase on her Etsy (though check back, she could make more). Nevertheless the seed for inspiration has been planted (hehe). How hard could they be to make? There may not be a step-by-step tutorial on this exact project, but I bet I could gather all the info needed out of my go-to felt-related resource, Feltique, by the Felting Queen herself, Mrs. Brookelynn Morris. The holidays are winding down, and soon I will have me time again. This looks like a great self-led DIY to kick off 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Earbud Owl

Prevent owl-less-ness with these fabulous laser-cut wood Earbud Owls (available on Etsy), by John Edgar Park. Works best with Apple earbuds that have a rubber plug cover. Based on the design by Eagleapex.

Note: this doesn't fit the new Shuffle or iPhone 3GS earbuds with the 3 button remote. An update is in the works.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Lesters Store Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Ali, Megan, Morgana, Clare, Jessica, Amber, and Ray! Be sure to keep up with The Lesters Store folks in the new year.

Mobile Mobile Installation

Granted, I want to see this done with almost any tune other than an xmas jingle, but I concede it's wonderfully executed. This interactive installation by International Lost Servant Boys (LBi), Mobile Mobile, connects upcycled mobile phones via computer to play Carol of the Bells live when you tweet it. How geek-festive. [via Fubiz]

Michael Johansson

Swedish artist Michael Johansson delights with assembling, nesting, and repackaging everyday objects into re-envisioned configurations. "By repetition, displacement of scale and new function he questions the receivers interpretation of the unique". Q: Is too much enough? A: Too much is not enough. More at Nordin Gallery ... Some assembly required. [via Kate Pruitt]

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

In staying with the fantastical and slightly aberrant, I had to repost notice for the 2010 remake of Alice In Wonderland by the ever extraordinary Tim Burton. Ok, yes, it's put out by Disney (again), but there appears no shortage of everything, well, Burton. As Seattle Times writer Moira Macdonald points out, "Tim Burton movies always look like Tim Burton movies, they're always gorgeous in that special, vaguely dangerous Edward-Gorey-in-color-and-on-steroids way".

This is certainly no exception. We are met with familiar co-star favorites Johnny Depp (The Mad Hatter, who else?) and Burton's partner, Helena Bonham Carter (the Red Queen), alongside a surprise Anne Hathaway (the White Queen), and newcomer Mia Wasikowska (Alice). These iconic characters take a twist in a future reality of Wonderland, replete with all the outré psychedelic trappings and trimmings. March 5th, baby. I cannot wait. [View a second trailer here]

Duck Mouse

I'm a big fan of Darwin, DIY, and taxidermy (from the Greek taxis ‘arrangement’ + derma ‘skin’) — though not necessarily in that order and, as Tim points out, evolution made a lot of mistakes in designing mice. Learn how to cross-pollinate your furry and feathered species in this fabulous Instructables tutorial with Tim Anderson and Christy Canida. I've shown the "guts free" version below. For all you diehards, reference the entire lesson here.

Designers Anonymous: Serving Suggestion Mugs

Want to have your cake ... & eat it too? Who doesn't. Designers Anonymous has a fabulous selection of & (coffee companion) mugs. And as much as I love baked goods, I'm admittedly more of a sucker for anything with an ampersand. [via What Katie Finds]

Friday, December 18, 2009

Morning Lace Inspiration

I've been trying to track down the source of this amazing image to no avail (darn you, Tumblr rabbit hole). But I can't not post it just because I don't know who made it. This is my morning lace inspiration! [via goldgrass, via bebe le strange]

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lena Corwin Pillows

Brooklyn based textile artist and illustrator Lena Corwin has some truly wonderful pillow designs that make my white couch swoon. Be sure to check out her lovely blog, too.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wooden Keyboard Enclosure

Steampunk isn't always for me, but I do enjoy dressing up hardware in hardwood (or plywood, as it may be). Check out the whole project by Matthias Wandel on [via Makezine, via Hack A Day]
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