Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sergey Loie

Since I recently mined his images for my own pursuits, I thought it only fair to post on amazing Russian photographer Sergey Loie. I stumbled upon the above woman with milk jar shot while doing a random image search on Google [felinofelice]. I was immediately arrested, tunneling into the dubdubdub tronscape. Milk bears prominently in Loie's captures, as do children, bald heads, and anti-gravity. Some of the more overtly posed shots lean toward the occult, and not, in my mind, to great effect. But the simple poses, those that present almost as portraiture — caught between Andrew Wyeth's Helga Pictures and the Brothers Grimm — are nostalgic while still being contemporary, redolent of what Hemingway must have felt reading the Russians during a Paris winter. You can see more on his flickr.

And you can see my photoshop collage below, created for my latest sad cowgirl folk mix CD. The title is from a Dawn Landes lyric that appears on the album.

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