Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Color Coded Cancer

I have a friend who's a ridiculously talented fashion designer with her own line (Sweet Marie), who is currently attending a coveted private art school in San Francisco, who's 6ft tall with legs to her ears and mad personal style and a dry wit to match. Oh, and she has a rare form of bone cancer at 24. Yeah. Life is not fair, not one little bit.

Freshly declared cancer-free, my friend poses a great question: what kind of cancer-related fashion product would you like to see out there that would promote cancer awareness? "I want to design a piece ... that escapes the whole corny pink ribbon thing. Something chic and fresh that you would be excited to wear." Thoughts? What would you buy, design, or don? "A dress with paisley cancer cells printed on it? A t-shirt with a rad cartoon? A silk headscarf with a funny hair pattern?" Please write if you have ideas! Check back to see what develops. And read the comments for the extra bonus of learning about cancer colors. I was not, until recently, aware that each kind of cancer has its own color. Really? Color coded cancer? Have I been duped by the ubiquitous Breast Cancer Pink this whole time? What sort of terrifying rainbow is lurking out there, rife with symbolism. Fuck Cancer.

Check out Kaylin's blogs: Spanish Moss Vintage, Cancer Is Hilarious ... and the web site hellosweetmarie.com should be back up and running asap.

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