Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ford 021C by Marc Newsom

As we move out of the Aughts and into what some financial analysts declare "recovery", Ford Motor Company is doing what they can to present a greener, unflappable front. It's not been a good decade for Ford. Despite the bailout, key product placement in The Dark Knight and Bond movies, and the introduction of a fusion hybrid, Ford still feels flat-footed. Too bad they aren't taking chances like they did ten years ago. In 1999, then-head of design, J. Mays, hired UK product and furniture designer Marc Newsom — who, by the way, had never before designed a land vehicle — to create a concept car for the brand.

Newsom came up with an affordable and simple design made from carbon fibre, replete with back-hinged rear doors, swivel seats, and a drawer-like boot. Dubbed 021C after Newsom's favorite Pantone color, the car was met with universal distaste, but somehow feels fresh and cheery today. I wonder what people would have thought of the Scion or Cube a decade ago? Maybe the world is ready now ... if only Ford was. Jalopnik has a nice futuristic vehicle round up here. [via Design Year Book. Thanks, Sam, for the link!]

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