Tuesday, January 12, 2010

James Barnett: Video Game Fauxvism Paintings

Arizona artist and gamer James Barnett enjoys a good stroll about the countryside ... if it happens to be inside the constructed landscapes of virtual reality. Fascinated by "flawed" image reproduction, Barnett enters the imagined worlds of others by playing video games where he seeks out compositions and recreates them on canvas à la the Fauvists, who preferred an overt painterly style and a strong use of color over realism. In other words, Barnett prefers visible evidence of the artist's hand — a flawed rendition— rather than a literal interpretation. It's a well-played approach, considering how many video games strive to mimic the "real world". See the complete set on his Flickr. [via GOOD. Thanks Terrie @permie.net for the link!]

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