Friday, March 12, 2010

Geographer Steals the Stage

Last night I had the substantial pleasure of attending Geographer's CD release party for their new EP, Animal Shapes, out now on iTunes and Tricycle Records. It's not just my involvement in the project that makes me love these guys. They're just really, decidedly, exceptionally good, and I feel very lucky to have been able to work with them and Tricycle. When they first went on, I was standing at the back of the Rickshaw chatting with friends. But as we pushed up toward the front, the full sound of the speakers hit and Mike Deni's voice just takes over.

Geographer may only have 3 members, but their sound is full-blooded, with lots of synth and polyrhythmic layering. In part, this is why I've decided to show a more intimate look at Mike making acoustic music while harmonizing with Kacey Johansing. He's one of the few musicians I've seen recently who understands his voice is an instrument. Though, don't get me wrong, GEO wouldn't be GEO without the swoon-worthy celloliciousness of Nathan Blaz and raging technical mastery of drummer Brian Ostreicher. Seriously, if you haven't already listened, do.

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