Thursday, March 4, 2010

Les Queues de Sardines: Spring & Summer 2010

My need for spring is drowning in all the rain we've been getting. GET HERE ALREADY, SUN! I go to the closet and stare at my dresses, my neat little parcels of feminine jubilation, and sigh ... soon, dear ones, soon. In the meantime we can scratch the itch with Les Queues de Sardines' line of new tights, replete with nautical goodness (a quirky play on "fish-nets") and stand-by classics (a derringer in the garter). Their hosiery is screen-printed by hand in limited quantities, making it all the more covetable. Woefully, there has yet to be a US retailer, though you can purchase online at Greenky, Suicidal Shop, and Up Factory. Happy hunting.

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