Saturday, May 8, 2010

Susie Cowie Embroidery

Not before today have I ever encountered the term "Freelance Embroidery Designer." But there it is, running out behind the name of one London-based Susie Cowie like so much colorful floss. Graduated with honors from the Glasgow School of Art in 2006, Cowie's body of work includes fashion and interior concepts, costume and prop pieces, plus illustrative embroidery. She has produced work for the likes of Margaret Howell, Anthropologie, Victorias Secret, and Calvin Klein ... and yet when I look at her pieces I can't imagine how a style so incredibly ethereal could ever be made mainstream. All I can think of is how to say the word Love in 20 different languages. Amour, kærlighed, liefde, kärlek, liebe ...

Tommy of This Is Naive has put together the most incredible artist profile on Cowie, replete with gorgeous photos, interesting tidbits, inspiration bulletins, even a DIY on how to make Cowie's favorite snack. All the photos seen here are from the post. [via All the Mountains]


  1. Hi Teagan Tall,
    I was so inspired by your book cover post lately, that I’ve made scans of a part of my old book collection, that I like to share with you and others. You can click on the image and then you will find more and bigger images of the books!
    I mentioned your beautiful blog and linked it, hope that’s alright with you?
    Wish you a great Sunday!

  2. Darja, of course! This is wonderful. And your books! Your books are INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for sharing. Hats off for making this happen.

  3. beautiful! nr. 4 from above is my favourite pic.


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