Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keegan Meegan Press & Bindery

Keegan Meegan Press & Bindery from :::MAGNETIC ARCHIVES:: on Vimeo.

I have something magical for you today — business cards being printed on a 1920's press. Mesmerizing. It's been a long 2 weeks, full of new information and problem solving. We discovered our beautiful hound mutt, Townes, has epilepsy. Watching him suffer through a series of seizures creates pause on thoughts of motion — fluid vs. spasmodic, rhythmic vs. arrhythmic — and the level of consciousness involved in making deliberate vs. involuntary movements. I won't belabor a juxtaposition, but suffice it to say this stunning (and I use the word to its full effect) video is itself a meditation on harmonious motion. The music [Do Make Say Think] pairs perfectly to the synchronized workings between man and machine. Watching Wenkman's measured hand load paper in time to the press as the counter clicks onward and the gears orbit ... is trancelike.

KeeganMeegan Press & Bindery in Portland, Or. was co-founded by Katy Meegan and Keegan Wenkman in 2007, and is best known for its hand-illustrated letterpress work. They also do design, bookbinding, and silkscreening. Be sure to check out Wenkman's illustrations at One Foot In Front (below).

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