Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The New Face of CRAFT

What can I say? I'm just really really ridiculously busy. But for now I can happily share with you the new face of CRAFT, which just launched today! Behold the fruits of our excessive labors:

"The new Calendar section features all the upcoming craft events and fairs coming to a city near you. Our Projects area, let's you easily browse through all of our recent DIY projects and on every page you'll be able to go to specific crafting categories, archives, and search for what you want! You'll also be able to go to our Craft Podcast: Videos and Patterns area directly from the top navigation. Our Crafter section has a brand new profile on Anna Maria Horner. Find out about her inspiration, her new Little Folks Fabric line, and how she juggles work and her six kids! Sign up for the CRAFT: Newsletter and be entered in our giveaways each day this week! Today we'll be giving away a Yudu from Provo Craft! All entries close at 8am PST, December 2nd. Stay tuned tomorrow morning and the rest of the week to see what other cool goodies we are giving away!"

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