Sunday, December 27, 2009

Felted Acorns

My boyfriend can attest, I have a propensity for bringing nature indoors. Acorn caps are no exception — they make perfect finger puppet props, and I'm sure you can all envision clearly as I can their usefulness as pixie hats. Fancifulness aside, acorns are beautiful, and when collected together in a bowl make for a lovely decoration. So you can image my delight when I saw these scrumptious felted acorns on Design Sponge. I picture hanging a collection of them from the ceiling off fishing line, their vibrant woodsy colors swaying in the morning light ...

For better or worse the artist who made these, Reya Veltman, no longer seems to have them available for purchase on her Etsy (though check back, she could make more). Nevertheless the seed for inspiration has been planted (hehe). How hard could they be to make? There may not be a step-by-step tutorial on this exact project, but I bet I could gather all the info needed out of my go-to felt-related resource, Feltique, by the Felting Queen herself, Mrs. Brookelynn Morris. The holidays are winding down, and soon I will have me time again. This looks like a great self-led DIY to kick off 2010.

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