Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rebecca Ridsdel: Art vs. Craft

English ceramist Beccy Ridsdel quite literally dissects the layers of debate between craft verses art, with surgical instruments that delicately strip away altered bone china to reveal ... even more floral china. Ridsdel explains: "I chose to make a series of definitely craft objects — bone china plates, mugs, jugs — and 'dissect' them to see what was beneath. Turns out, they are craft through and through" ... " This work forms part of an exploration of the differences between art and craft, and ceramics’ relationship to them. After a lot of research I realized that despite the best efforts of many ceramicists, in most people’s minds working with mud is pretty much always seen as craft, and therefore somehow lower than art. This work is a wry look at this attitude."

Read the full article at FavCraftsBlog. More at BehanceNetwork.

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