Monday, February 8, 2010

Rymdreglage: 8-Bit Trip

Last week blew. Hard. Don't get too excited. The only folks who got off were insurance agents, DMV employees, and possibly some impound yard dudes. Trust me, you don't want to know. I cannot qualify it any more than I can pretend to know exactly what's going on here. Other than the opposite of my week — squeaky, unmolested magic.

Enter, Rymdreglage, comprised of Swedish musicians Tomas and Daniel, and their amazing LEGO stop motion music video for the single, 8-Bit Trip, an homage to classic retro video games. Check out the build here; supposedly it took 1,500 hours. I don't know what these guys do all day, but I absolutely need to be a part of it. [Thanks, David, for cheering my day with this. Geek Dad, Laughing Squid, and all the usual suspects covered this last August, but I couldn't pass it up.]

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