Monday, August 23, 2010

Bodkin: Autumn/Winter Collection 2010

It's just barely summer here in San Francisco, so I am in no way ready to recognize fall. Though for you, Bodkin, I will relinquish my grasp on this city's false sense of sun and welcome back the requisite warm knits and wool leggings that already fill my closet. A girl simply can't have enough chic comfort, and if I had any money at all I would thin 90% of my closet and make this collection my uniform, shoes included.

The Brooklynn-based Bodkin was founded in 2008 by one Eviana Hartman. The business focus is on sustainable designs, incorporating new technologies — such as post-consumer recycled polyester — with recycled and salvaged textiles, creating "transparency and a conscious and curious approach" to the brand.

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