Monday, August 23, 2010

A Quick Look at the Morton's Salt Girl

I love seeing how logos evolve over time, especially when they're as iconic and illustrative as the Morton's Umbrella Girl. On par with the bare-cheeked Coppertone girl (1953), this little lassie has been a favorite for Halloween costumes, tattoos, and craft projects for decades. She got her start in 1914, and proceeded to update her image every 10 years on average — "Whenever we start to show our age, we do a little face lifting. Isn't that just like a woman?" reads a line from a 1968 advertisement. Uh, right, Mr. Morton.

I will say that the company has done a great job of preserving its logo's history. You can see a wonderful collection of vintage advertisements and read more about the Umbrella Girl evolution on their website. And I simply must add my own personal bid to the Morton Salt company: start selling "collector" canisters with the older logos (above)! Mugs are cool, but the real deal is even better. More classic logo goodness at Neatorama. When it rains, it pours.


  1. Found you through Living Crafts Magazine on FB, which shared the amazing boat sheds. I had to leave a comment on this post though, because we have 3 mugs with the 1914, '21, and '68 salt girls. My three daughters call them bow girl, sweet girl and yellow girl, respectively. They enjoyed looking at these pictures of their salt girls.

    Some lovely and inspiring finds here on your blog.


  2. How wonderful! Thanks for writing Carrie. I also blog for CRAFT Magazine, and invariably a lot of the posts I do here go there, so it's nice to know they get around other places too.

    I love picturing your girls with their Morton mugs ...


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