Monday, August 9, 2010

Deth P. Sun: Sketchbook

Berkeley, CA., artist Deth P. Sun is one of those kids that has no doubt been doodling since conception. He was probably the extra quiet guy in the corner of class, head down, meticulously filling in the margins with a continuous brain dump of characters, words, and random compilations. I covet this sketchbook. I also (not so) secretly wish Deth did children's books for adults.

Deth is part of a group show, Look Alive, at Double Punch right now if you want to see some of his work in person. I also encourage you check out his food journal zine, The Various Things I Eat, and all his illustrative goodies on Etsy. On a personal note, Deth and I worked together ever so briefly at Utrecht in downtown San Francisco back in the day. My favorite moments were when Deth answered the phone:

"Thank you for calling Utrecht, this is Deth."

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