Friday, September 11, 2009

Amina Nazari: If Objects Could Speak

This is *such* a beautiful idea. Amina Nazari's latest project, If Objects Could Speak, allows a person to attach audio memories to an object via RFID (radio frequency identification tag). "The device acts as an RFID scanner and when an object is scanned people can record onto the device the stories and memories associated with that object, where they are stored and preserved. Then, as the device and object are passed to the next generation they can play back the recorded messages about the object and its previous owners." [via Designklub]

You can find this gem as part of a group exhibition put on by the design co-operative KithKin at Designersblock. Designersblock London 2009 will take place during the London Design Festival.

As a side note, I once spent a weekend in Pt. Arena with Designersblock co-founder Piers Roberts and the fish pie he made for dinner. What is it with Brits and fish pie? Fabulous.

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