Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movable Wallpaper

I recently posted some of my own work — Wall Birds. One of my key frustrations with that project was repositioning. The finished products were just delicate cutouts mounted to the wall with artists tape and thus prone to tearing. To little avail, I've brainstormed some ways to make the birds more sturdy without relinquishing moveability, or putting holes in them, or making them too 3-dimensional. Here is one artist's take on this particular problem.

Freerangedoodle is the home site of Xiang Zeng, who has created a kind of movable wallpaper using magnets. (Admittedly I don't if she's used magnetic paint and/or mounted to physical magnets.) In addition to repositionable characters, Zeng has included pullout pieces and rotating wheels — incredibly cool.

Zeng's site was Flash, so I had to take screen shots, hence the little arrows. Photos by Kangan Arora, whose site I believe to be this.

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