Monday, September 21, 2009

Charles Krafft: Seduced by Ceramics

Admittedly, I did not love the work of Charles Krafft immediately. I'm not the biggest pop fan and I find anything Nazi-related to be instantly suspect. Plus a name like Krafft leaves one eyebrow arched. Even the Disasterware — in it's merging of the Delft tradition and contemporary histories — at first glance leaves one looking to the horizon to see if there's a pay off. But it all adds up. The man makes his own human bone china for crying out loud. More importantly, he does not take a back seat position on the implications of his creations. Plus he wears a bow tie and laughs a lot. Whether you call it Lowbrow or Pop Surrealism the man is a bona fide maker (I resisted the pun). [via Melissa Dixson] If you like this, check out Lei Xue.

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