Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Born Magazine

The above video is merely a single work from Born Magazine, "an experimental venue marrying literary arts and interactive media," using multimedia as a publishing platform. Now in its twelfth year, the Seattle based non-profit is an online literary magazine and collaborative that creates interactive storytelling projects both on- and offline through the pairing of contributing artists and writers. Offline you get installations and other mélange. Online you can view multimedia works in response to specific poems, the collaboration being the final product.

Not surprisingly, Born is influential outside the conventional academic and artistic spheres: "a lot of the people we reach are not always those who would pick up a traditional literary magazine ... I’ve had several people tell me, 'I don’t really like to read poetry, but somehow the visuals help me understand the poem better', which is why I think teachers like to use Born in the classroom. It has accessibility ..." Read the full interview with Born editor Annmarie Trimble, by Pamela Kallimanis.

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