Saturday, September 12, 2009


While exploring New People — 20,000 square feet of rotating Japanese cinema, retail, and art in Japantown SF — my boyfriend and I came across these super cute DIY movable paper robots called Piperoid. I was instantly enamored by the variety of characters, all begging to be stocking stuffers for friends. Only downfall? $15 big ones per, though some come in sets of two.

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  1. from KCLR: as a first time commenter, i think i just lost my comment so i am re-writing...

    i am going to new people tomorrow with big birder. your preview was a super inspiring me something to look forward to after i visit my dad in the alz unit...! he is hanging in there. Love Teagan Tall...!...a virtual one-stop shop, a time warp elevator and i get to press ALL the Salman Rushdie said, "a sea of stories, an ocean of notions!" if this be food, i'd be fat and not care! Brava, my dear, brava. i'll be back.


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